phpJobScheduler - schedule PHP scripts to run

Released under GPL License - DEMO -
That means its free to use!  Enjoy  ;-)

>>Scheduled tasks >>Add a NEW schedule >>View error-logs

Details of jobs
Script to run: test path^
enter the path to the script you wish to run - help and more detail here^
Job name:
The name will be used to refer to this new job
Run this script:


- run every: minute(s)  you MUST update the time frame window to use minutes see readme file
HOURLY - run every: hour(s)


- run every: day(s)

Run this job:

Pause this job: 
- run every: week(s)

when selecting to run just ONCE only the job will be deleted following the first run

  useful to save a job to run later, or as a reference


HELP? Please see the readme file

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